MicroPlus Germany, agrees with BAKER GREEN ENERGY LIMITED a distribution and collaboration for African countries for the supply of lighting, photovoltaic systems,kits for houses with lithium batteries and solar panels. Smart Capsule for adapting the charge of electric cars, photovoltaic parks and energy storage stations.With acquisition of investment funds for each project.

At Baker Green Energy Limited we belief every problem has a solution. Due to this we have set-up different solutions that can handle what you think is giving you see as challenging in your daily activities managing the utilities (water, electric and gas) within your facility.

Some the numerous we have at BGE Ltd are:

  • Alternative Energy Storage
  • Billing/Vending system
  • On-grid/Off-grid power Solution
  • Private/Commercial Security System


We have gathered from our experience as an utility/facility manager that one of the major challenges faced by many multi-tenant facility manager/owner is how to bill and settling the bills of amenities within the facility.

Having discovered this we put together Hi-Tech billing/vending system namely:

MultiSystem Power Management System (MPMS).

For more information and clarifications on how our MPMS Contact Us