Who we are

Baker Green Energy Limited is a 21st century company with a future vision of a need to provide renewable energy in the continent of Africa. Our speciality is in the provision of photovoltaic installations for domestic homes and commercial establishments, including Meter Installations, Storage Solutions and modernized Billing System using the latest Technology.

We are dedicated to bringing Energy Solutions for Private Home owners, Business owners, Housing Developers, Local Governments, States and Federal governments in their efforts to increase electricity generation and an up to date billing system. We encourage and assist in reducing C02 emissions with new innovative high-tech solar power panels and renewable solutions.

We study and analyze individual need of our clients and designed to meet the specific customer requirements. Our engineers and technicians are trained and equipped with innovative technology and certified in the knowledge and experience to install solar panels including storage solutions needed to power private homes and commercial establishments.

Our Vision is to light up the African Continent while reducing the carbon footprint on climate change in Africa.

Increase human productivity and helping micro businesses to develop their full potentials through constant energy supply in every aspect of business and private life.

Mission kick out power outage in Africa. Our core mission is to provide energy for every African in their homes and for schools to study 24hrs and facilitate improvement in their educational goals, while helping SME’s to improve their businesses.

“Whether you are a sole trader, SME, corporate, large industrial user, energy supplier or from the public sector you can talk directly to us for your electricity smart metering needs. ”

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We work closely with energy suppliers to design, install, maintained and monitor metering installations for their customers ensuring our assets are fully compliant with the relevant legislative and industry standards from simple installations to complex projects.

Building on our extensive experience we offer government approved new generation standard meters for installation in all the project we undertake.

Meet our Team

Prince Femi Baker CEO

Peluni EmmanuelInstallation Technician

Engr. ShawnHead, Engineering Dept.

Odesanmi PeterProject Manager

Mayowa Aluko Business Development Manager