A new way to measure and manage your building’s energy

Energy management and efficiency utilization are the challenges for building owners, facility managers, and tenants. With the traditional metering solutions, building owners can’t measure accurate consumptions, usage patterns, and downtimes.

It is simple: You can’t manage if you can’t measure.

Building owners and tenants have been speculating about bettering and changing their approach to optimize energy consumption by deploying smart submeters. In contrast to traditional electrical meter, a smart submeter is infused with network connectivity features to upload the data. They track, monitor, measure, and upload data to servers for real-time visibility. Earlier building owners used to bill according to the space occupied by the tenants. Think about inaccurate billing – have you ever seen a bill that confused you?

Today’s modern commercial and multi-tenant buildings are equipped with submetering solutions. According to Navigant research report, the global smart buildings for smart cities market is expected to grow from $3.6 billion in 2017 to $10.2 billion by 2026.

How a smart submeter benefits utility provider and customer?

In terms of utilities 

Every building and tenant have their unique requirements and energy consumptions. Submetering solutions allow utility providers to track and monitor usage patterns of tenants. This allows utility providers to customize energy supply. This way they can meet the demand and supply needs.

Submeters answers questions such as,

  1. When are the peak demand times?
  2. How much energy must be generated to meet the demands?

Submetering benefits for customers

Be it an office, house, or commercial space every customer has their set of electrical equipment and consumption patterns. Every tenant is intent to know accurate utility/electric bills. They question things. Smart meters can track individual heating, ventilation, and HVACs.

When the building owner or facility manager has the provision to track the usage, it is possible to limit the wastage. With smart submetering solutions, every tenant can transform the real-time data into actionable items. Smart electric meters are often used with rooftop solar power panels to track and manage energy.

Could they sell the power back to the grids?


Benefits of smart submeters:

  • It provides a detailed analysis of energy consumption patterns.
  • Save time and cost.
  • Predict the downtime and alert the customers and utility providers.
  • Accurate billing and real-time data monitoring.
  • It Allows meeting benchmark performances with optimized power utilization.
  • Individual tracking of equipment allows better performance.
  • It makes your building eco-friendly.
  • Effective ROI.
  • It makes you star-rated building.

Buildings to get submeters:

  • Commercial buildings.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Hospitals.
  • Schools.
  • Multi-tenant buildings.
  • Smart homes.


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Talk to our team to know more about how smart submeter can save your time and money.

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